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The DNA Member Community is a member’s only place to connect, discover, share and be inspired. Our membership is full of active thought leaders and trailblazers who are part of the domain name industry, and work together every day toward success in awareness, acceptance and governance issues.

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Informative and insightful DNA member interviews from ICANN 54 Dublin are now available for viewing on our videos page!

The latest issue of the DNA’s flagship periodical, State of the Domains is now also in Chinese!DNA State of Domains Issue 4 Final for WEB CN 15-11-04 cover

Download the Chinese version here.

Download the original English version PDF here.

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The Ten Commandments for promoting domain name awareness tencommandments-180px

Our latest showcase for great new domains seen in action: InTheWild.Domains domains-in-the-wild-browser

DNJournal writes about DomainsInTheWild: The DNA Promotes New gTLDs By Documenting Sightings at Website

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Two minutes with Chris Boggs of Web Traffic Advisors

April 25, 2017 On April 25th, the DNA publicly announced the results of a commissioned study titled “Hidden Advantages of a Relevant Domain Name” to understand the impact top-level domain name extensions (TLDs) may have on organic search engine results. Below is a...

Update on Healthy Domain Initiative Recommendations

On February 8, the DNA publicly announced the first output of its Healthy Domains Initiative: A set of 37 total “healthy practices” recommendations in four key areas: Online abuse (20 recommendations) “Rogue” pharma (4 recommendations) Abuse of child imagery (6...

Making New Internet Domains Work for Everyone

Guest Post by Universal Acceptance Steering Group Secretary General Don Hollander Since 2006 the Domain Name System (DNS) has expanded dramatically, not only fueling competition, choice and innovation, but truly enabling a multi-lingual Internet. There are now more...

The Domain Name Association’s 2017 Predictions

From major brands to corner stores, businesses will continue to evolve their ‘dot-com’ strategy to include a new generation of non-traditional domain name extensions. In 2017, domain names will continue their exponential growth (over 27 million registrations since...

Q&A with the DNA’s Rich as the Chair of the DNA

Rich Merdinger, a 20-year domain name veteran and GoDaddy’s Vice President of Domains, is looking ahead to 2017 as he accepts his new role as Chair for The Domain Name Association (“the DNA”). Here’s what he had to say about his new role and what the future holds for...

Recent SEO Success with New Top-Level Domains

Today’s marketers need to pay close attention to search engine optimization (SEO) when selecting a domain name. A recent article from ChurchMag reveals another example of great SEO success achieved with a new domain extension. The American Bible Society launched its...


from our industry

WorldHostingDays Acquires NamesCon

WorldHostingDays, based in Cologne, Germany, announced that it has acquired the NamesCon conference late last week. WorldHostingDays is the world’s largest series of hosting events for the cloud and hosting industry. They have acquired NamesCon – the largest...

DNA University Fireside Chat: Healthy Domains Initiative

Learn more about the Healthy Domain Initiative (HDI) through this edition of the DNA Fireside Chat. The HDI was founded to further the healthy development and evolution of the Domain Name Industry and the domain name technical space. Join DNA University Dean, Tony...

Building an industry, one small victory at a time

Building an industry, one small victory at a time

By Taryn Naidu Rome wasn’t built in a day. I couldn’t tell you how many days, years, or likely decades Rome took to construct, but I can definitely state that it wasn’t in a day. I also can’t tell you how Rome was built, which would be embarrassing if I were a...

Member Spotlight

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Welcome to our Newest DNA Member, Authentic Web

Welcome to our Newest DNA Member, Authentic Web

Here at the Domain Name Association, we are thrilled to announce our newest member, Authentic Web. Authentic Web is, “A SaaS platform designed for Brand Registry Innovation.” They are based in Toronto, Canada and function as an ICANN Accredited Domain Registrar...

Great DNA Member Representation at NamesCon 2016

Great DNA Member Representation at NamesCon 2016

The DNA is excited for next week's NamesCon, where it will host a number of events for members and non-members alike. NamesCon, the biggest domain name industry conference held annually in Las Vegas (and a DNA member), is one of the most anticipated domain conferences...

Domain Names Increasingly Becoming More Relevant, Not Less

Domain Names Increasingly Becoming More Relevant, Not Less

by Craig Schwartz, Managing Director, fTLD Registry Services When it comes to attracting new customers, your business’ website is the one-stop shop for introducing potential buyers to your mission, your products and your team. But with all the competing chatter about...

DNA at CoInvent Pulse in NYC

DNA at CoInvent Pulse in NYC

The DNA was well-represented at CoInvent Pulse NY on Monday, with booths for the DNA, Radix Registry, .CLUB, and .NYC all greeting guests from the tech and startup sectors of New York together drumming up interest in great domain names. Monte Cahn, CEO of...

InternetX Releases SRL Extension to Spanish and Italian Markets

InternetX Releases SRL Extension to Spanish and Italian Markets

The DNA is proud of its members, who are continually breaking down language barriers and expanding the Internet in rapid new directions. This comes as InternetX announced this week on October 26th its release of the new domain extension .SRL to Spanish and Italian...

What is the Domain Name Association?

The Domain Name Association (The DNA) is a non-profit global business association established as an industry-led effort to increase awareness and adoption of domain names and share the value they provide as a primary tool for users to navigate the Internet. The DNA is the first industry trade association to represent the interests of the entire domain name industry with regard to provisioning, expanded adoption and use of domain names.

The DNA is comprised of a broad spectrum of the world’s leading internet companies including Amazon, Donuts, GoDaddy, Google, InterNetX, Neustar and RightSide, as well as internet infrastructure experts, domain registry operators of generic, country-code, geographic and brand domain extensions, global registrars, and others with interests in the industry. Members of the DNA are provided access to each other, to key organizations within the industry, and to adjacent industries. All stakeholders in the domain name industry are invited to join the Domain Name Association to work together to support our shared objectives.

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